Water Service Application

Applying for a New Service

Welcome to the City of Baytown!  It is our pleasure to assist you with your water service needs.  In order to establish new service you will need to provide the following upon making an application for service:  application for service, water/sewer deposit contract,  proof of property ownership or a lease agreement, a valid driver's license and a deposit.  

Proof of ownership must be one of the following, depending on if you're a renter or property owner:

Property Owner:    Renter / Tenant:
  • Bill of Sale
  • Settlement Statement     
  • Title Transfer
  • Warranty Deed
  • Closing Disclosure
  •  Lease Agreement
  • UB Form signed by landlord

Deposits are mandatory to establish a new account.  If the property owner provides all the required documentation with required signatures, the deposit is $50.00.  Renter/Tenant deposit is $200.00.  If the property owner does not have all required documentation with signatures they will be assessed the Renter/Tenant deposit of $200.00 until all documentation with signatures is submitted.  A service fee of $30.00 is also due when setting up new service.

Deposits can be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card with proper identification.

Proper identification must be submitted with service request.

The City of Baytown provides next business day service for water connection.

Apply for Water Service